Ellie Sherrard-Smith, PhD

Research fellow
Faculty of Medicine, School of Public Health
Imperial College London 


Ellie Sherrard-Smith studied ecology and parasite disease in wildlife at Cardiff University before transitioning to public health research. Following her PhD, Ellie worked at Public Health England within the sexually transmitted infections department on chlamydia transmission in the UK. Ellie then moved to malaria research at Imperial College London. Ellie has since developed bespoke analyses to understand the combined impact of erythrocytic and transmission-blocking vaccine antibodies in experimental systems, and entomological impact of mosquito control interventions for malaria. As part of the malaria modelling group at Imperial College, Ellie applies mathematical modelling to predict population level impacts of critical vector control interventions in diverse ecological settings. The ultimate aim of Ellie’s work is to provide effective preventative care in a sustainable manner by helping strategy teams determine cost effective interventions in malaria endemic settings.